Why my favorite boot is the Fury!

My favorite Harley-Davidson riding boot is the Fury. With certain type of “In your face” look, this boot is built to kick butt! Made from 100% genuine leather and a thick rubber sole, there is nothing about this boot that says “wimpy”. Our number one selling boot since its inception, Harley-Davidson has put some serious time in to creating this popular boot. With a rugged look yet soft comfortable feel I absolutely fell in love with this boot. I also like the fact that it has stainless steel buckles to add to the “tough-guy” look. There’s just something about thick black leather, and shiny stainless steel that makes you want to hop on your motorcycle and go out for a ride. Another really cool thing you should know about these boots, is that they have an oil-resistant sole that is great on slippery garage floors. All around this is my favorite boot for so many reasons, and I hope you’ll love wearing them as much as I do.

Harley-Davidson After-Riding Shoes for Women

Ladies are you tired of wearing your riding boots after riding to where you’re going? Well Harley-Davidson has a large line of after-riding shoes just for you! There are a few different style to choose from you have the stilettos, sandals, and the after riding boots. All of these shoes are just what you need to free your feet after a long ride.


The stilettos come in a variety of shapes, and styles. If you looking for an eye catching shoe or just to show off, you’ll love the Fandango or the Fatina style. These stiletto style shoes are extremely comfortable and come furnished with a stainless steel heel, cement construction and an oil resistant sole. Be the life of the party with these hot shoes.


Since Harley-Davidson started making sandals women have flocked from all over to get their hands on a pair of these after-riding shoes. If you’re a girl that loves wearing sandals you’re going to love these. Made from the highest quality materials that Harley-Davidson is known for these sandals are a must have for any woman biker. With a large variety of sandals from the Baja to the Long Beach we’re sure you going to absolutely love them.


Also check out many different styles of after-riding boots. Made from the same materials that the riding boots are made from, these boots are very comfortable. With names like Carmen, Carina, Sadie and Sarita you’ll fall in love with these styles of after riding boots. You get the look of riding boots with the smooth appeal or after-riding. These boots also are made of non-slip oil resistant soles so they will hold up to the toughest conditions.