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The Harley Davidson Boot Bandera

Mens Harley Davidson boot Bandera
Western styling has come and gone several time since the days of the wild west. In the last 5 years it has again made a comeback of epic proportions. So much so that large belt buckles are seen on the every day person on the street and cowboy boots are mainstream fashion. Harley Davidson has kept up every step of the way and the mens Harley Davidson Boot Bandera is a great example of western style and Harley Davidson attitude. The completely functional cowboy boot is approved for riding but also has great looks for when you are out for a night on the town. If you want to complete the look a Harley Davidson cowboy hat is a great addition to any ensemble. There are many shapes and styles to complete just about any look you are going for from classic fedoras to the standard pinch from cowboy hat.
Harley Davidson Hat

Motorcycle Buying Tips:
Choose the Right Harley for You.

Which Type of Harley Davidson Motorcycle is Best for You? You’ve been wanting one for so long. When you hear the roar of the engine, your heart skips a beat. You stop and stare, fantasizing about what it would be like if YOU were sitting in the seat. Before you go out and buy yourself a hog, it’s wise to do your homework and determine which type of motorcycle is best suited for you.

1. To begin you want to match the type of bike to your riding style, expectations, experience, and ability.

2. You also want to consider how you will be riding the bike.

3. Last, but not least, you’ll want to take into consideration your physical size and abilities. A common mistake many people make is to buy a motorcycle that is too big for them. Obviously, this can result in serious injury or death. It’s important to select a motorcycle that you can skillfully maneuver and manage.

Harley Davidson offers a wide range of motorcycles and can accommodate nearly everyone’s needs. Let’s take a look at the various types of Harley Davidson motorcycles:

Touring: If you plan on taking road trips, this is the Harley for you. However, if you are a beginner, this type of bike is probably more than you can handle. When these bikes are fully loaded, they can weigh up to 800 pounds. Harley touring bikes include Road Kings and Glides.

Cruisers: Harley Cruisers are a lighter weight motorcycle than Touring bikes; however, they are still heavy and not recommended for beginners. Cruisers are categorized as Softails and include the Harley Fat Boy, Heritage and Nostalgia models.

Softails: The term softail refers to a type of rear suspension system installed to absorb shock. Softails were designed to be reminiscent of the rigid mount design of earlier models; but provide a more comfortable ride. Harley Softails are a popular choice for daily riding. Many riders choose the Softail when they want to create their own custom design. Softails are lighter in weight than Touring or Cruiser Harley’s. Models include the Softail Custom, Springer Softail, Heritage Softail, Heritage Springer, Night Train, Deuce, and Fat Boy.

: The Dynas model has a dual shock rear suspension like the Touring bikes and a front end like the Softail and Sportster models. The engine has a rubber mounted support system to reduce engine vibration. Dynas are available with a wide-glide or narrow-glide front end. This type of bike is a good choice for street riding and appropriate for beginners.

Sportster: These are the perfect choice of Harley motorcycles for beginners. These bikes have a smaller engine and smaller frame and are the lightest bikes offered by Harley-Davidson. Sportsters are the only Harley with two engine sizes, the 883 and 1200. They are about half the cost of the big twin Harley’s; making them the most affordable choice the company offers.

V-Rod: The V-Rod is newest Harley model and introduces a water cooled engine. The V-Rod motorcycle has the style of an imported sport bike, yet retains the stretched out forward controls that are uniquely Harley. This is a good daily riding motorcycle and makes a good choice for those who are experienced in riding.

Buell: Although this isn’t exactly a Harley; Buell sport bikes are made and sold through Harley Davidson. Buell motorcycles are a traditional sports bike powered by an American V-Twin engine. Buell motorcycles are a great all-around bike, suitable for daily riding or shorter road trips. Several engine sizes are available, making Buell motorcycles a good choice for beginners to seasoned riders.

Don’t forget your riding gear too. You will need a good pair of riding boots like the Harley Davidson Boots, an approved motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle jacket, and most likely a nice pair of leather motorcycle chaps.

With the bike handled and for gear ready to go all that is left is to hit the road and enjoy the freedom of riding an American legend.

Helmet Hair Got You Down?
How to Hide Your Hairdo by Helmet.

So you’ve just arrived at your destination, helmet in tact. Sure, it’s not a problem now, but wait until you pull off your helmet. The horror! Yes, we are talking about helmet hair. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it though, what’s yours? We suggest you carry a Harley Davidson baseball cap with you everywhere you go.
HD Cap StudHD cap SidelinerHD cap Roasted

Bikers have been searching for years for other methods of relief for this problem. Riders have suggested baby powder to soak up any unwanted moisture and to give your hair back it’s body. Do-rags are another option lots of motorcyclist use but Overall, we guess the only way to really solve helmet hair is to not wear a helmet at all. But of the 540,000 motorcyclists injured each year, 67,000 of those are head injuries – up to 88 percent could’ve been prevented just by wearing a helmet. If you ask us, we are more willing to risk being judged on our hair-do.
Always wear a DOT or Snell approved motorcycle helmet.