Classic Harley Davidson Boots

Everyone understands the importance of wearing a helmet while riding, even though many choose not to wear them. Most bikers also understand the importance of wearing a good sturdy pair of motorcycle boots to protect there feet while riding, (flip flops are not riding boots) but many do not wear a riding boot. We want to pass along some helpful information to riders about the many Harley Davidson Boots out there.

The best quality, most preferred riding boots are Harley Davidson boots. The Harley Davidson boots offer a varying selection of different styles and designs for the everyday rider and even those who don’t even own a bike.
Over the years the Harley boots have become a craze among avid bikers. It was thought that the Harley boots reflected the freedom of expression. There are so many styles of Harley Davidson boots, and each of them is an eye-catching fashion and function design. Harley boots are extremely comfortable to wear, and they are long-lasting too. The various styling of Harley boots that can offer you a unique, personal look. How about a classic lace-up ,or pull-on style, or perhaps the newer zippered styles.

  • The Faded Glory boot is a classic with its laces and straps, it has cemented itself a spot in the motorcycle world.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Faded Glory

  • The Hustin Boots are meant to protect your feet, but it doesn’t hurt that they have a great look too.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin

  • Gentlemen, if you want to trade the conventional look for something funkier and crazy, look for the mens Harley Davidson boot Drive Chain.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Drive Chain

    You might prefer wearing a killer pair of Harley Davidson boots which takes its style seriously. Take proper care of these Harley boots, and they will take care of you too.
    You would be pleased to know that Harley Davidson offers Harley Davidson boots for kids. So, buy a pair for your kids and let him experience the pride in wearing the best boots out there.

    How To Care For Your Harley Davidson Boots

    You must have heard the adage, boys will always be boys. Guys can be rough and tough but even they will need some added protection when riding the big bad Hog. And what can serve this purpose better than a pair of Harley Davidson boots. A pair of Harley Davidson boots not only ensures the safety of your legs but also underscores your latent signature style quotient.
    We want to give you a few care tips for your Harley Davidson boots:
    cleaning boots

  • If your Harley Davidson boots become wet, don’t use a heat source like a hairdryer for drying them; the hot blast stiffens the leather. Instead open them up and put them out in the open to allow for natural evaporation with free circulation of natural air. When they are dry you will want to condition them.
  • Conditioning is important. Leather is skin and just like your skin it can get dry and start to crack. When this happens to your skin you use lotion and the same principals apply to leather. Clean and dry your Harley Davidson boots very well with a leather cleaner and soft cloth before adding a conditioner or weatherproofer. There are many types of leather cleaners and conditioners out there, but it is best to use one that is specifically formulated for boots.
  • Get Protection and Style with
    Harley Davidson Steel Toe Boots

    Harley Davidson tennis shoe Crossroads II

    Everyone knows that Harley Davidson has the best riding boots out there, but did you know that the Harley Davidson steel toe boots exceed the standards and are rated ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75. Why not have the best of both worlds with a riding boot that leads a double life as a killer looking work boot.
    Some of the current steel toe Harley Davidson boots are:

  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Stealth Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Faded Glory Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Mega Conductor Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Brake Buckle Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Flash Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Crankshaft Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson shoe Crossroads Steel Toe
  • Harley Davidson boot StealthHarley Davidson Boot Faded Glory/><img src=Harley Davidson boot Brake BuckleHarley Davidson boot FlashHarley Davidson boot CrankshaftHarley Davidson Boot Virgo

    Hard Economic Times Hit Harley Davidson


    Harley Davidson Inc. reported a second-quarter profit of $19.8 million, or 8 cents a share, down 91 percent from the $222.8 million it booked a year before. The lower than projected profit was caused by the tough market soured consumer spending and those factors sent bike sales sliding. Harley Davidson representatives said they were responding to the slump, and protecting the brand, by cutting bike production far more aggressively than expected, a move that sent its shares higher.
    Harley Davidson Inc. said the temporary production cuts, as well as more permanent job cuts and plant closures, would ultimately save it between $140 million and $150 million a year. Harley-Davidson
    Retail sales of new Harleys skidded 30.1 percent and revenue fell to $1.15 billion from $1.57 billion. Analysts were expecting $1.14 billion.

    Harley Davidson Inc. slashed its 2009 shipment expectation to between 212,000 and 228,000 new motorcycles, down from the 303,479 it shipped in 2008. They had previously said it expected to ship 264,000 to 273,000 motorcycles this year.
    As a result of the lowered shipment volume, the company said it would cut 700 more positions in its hourly workforce and slash the salaried workforce by about 300 positions. It said it plans to offer a voluntary separation incentive package to eligible salaried employees. They had already announced cuts of 1,400 to 1,500 hourly production positions in 2009 and 2010 and about 300 salaried positions.

    This is tough news for the beloved motorcycle company but Harley Davidson anticipates it will come out for the better and be stronger in the long run.

    Fords 14th Harley Davidson Edition Truck

    Harley-Davidson enthusiasts who are looking for a pickup truck have a new F-150 to consider for 2010, the 14th edition in Ford’s collaboration with the popular motorcycle company. One glance at the truck is all it takes to recognize its unique styling, starting with a billet grille, special front fascia and blacked out headlights that give the front end a custom look. Twenty-two inch wheels with low profile tires, retractable running boards and sport suspension (unique to this F-150) combine to give the truck a lowered appearance. Harley badges, Harley-Davidson lettering on the bedsides and special Lava color graphics on the black truck finish the exterior design. Special treatment continues on the inside of the truck, with Harley emblems on the door panels, a hand-made badge and serial number plate on the console and special leather seats. Seats are black with maroon inserts, with the Harley shield in the seat back. The upper sides and back of seats are fitted with ribbed leather to match Harley-Davidson leather jackets. Map pockets on the back of the front seats also feature ribbed leather and are accented with Harley-Davidson button snaps and zippers from Harley jackets.
    The Harley-Davidson F-150 is only available in the SuperCrew body style. You can expect to see all of the safety feature that are standard on every F-150, such as dual front air bags, side curtain air bags, seat side air bags and roll stability control. In fact, the truck’s sport suspension is the only system that is a departure from other trucks in the series.

    Harley fans looking for a truck that stands out from the rest should plan to take a look at this one.

    Rugged, independent, adventurous: The Ford F150 appeals to a certain kind of driver. And the same holds for those who ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. That’s why the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, just unveiled at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show, offers the perfect marriage of Ford toughness to the legendary style of another all-American brand.

    “It’s a head-turner,” says Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of Global Product Development. “Built Ford tough with an added dose of adrenaline.” The truck’s exterior and interior designs complement each other perfectly — in the tradition of Harley-Davidson’s themed bikes. Its look is unmistakable, with a deployable running board creating a strikingly lowered appearance, and forged aluminum, Harley-Davidson chrome badging, a six-bar billet-style grille, and aggressive front fascia signaling the F-150’s wild side. The truck boasts the largest tires in the F-series lineup — at 22 inches — and its custom Tuxedo Black with Lava paint brings a distinctive finish.

    Inside, the two brands continue in perfect synergy. The console lid features hand-made cloisonné badges, a signature Harley-Davidson touch. The seats use materials from Harley-Davidson MotorClothes apparel — ribbed leather, engraved Harley-Davidson button snaps, and zippered map pockets — to give the cabin the texture of a biker jacket.

    Ford has produced 14 Harley-Davidson trucks in the past. This is the first built off the award-winning 2009 F-150 platform. So all of this hallmark design is underwritten by superb engineering, with a 5.4-liter three-valve engine that delivers 320 hp, 390 ft.-lbs. of torque, and a top speed of 115 mph. With top fuel economy and class-leading towing and payload capacity heading up a long list of acclaimed features, this truck is set to conquer the open road. To complete the package get yourself a pair of Harley Davidson boots to complete the package.