Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley Davidson Museum

From June 11, 2011 to August 21, 2011 Harley Davidson will be featuring some of its more interesting products in Miwaukee, WI in summer special exhibit, Collection X: Weird, Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum. There will be 100s of artifacts on display at the 10,000 square-foot garage exhibit hall. This will be an exhibit for the ages for bikers, collectors, and engineers alike. Harley Davidson has been in business for almost 110 years, so you can bet that there will be some interesting prototypes and products unveiled – from created concepts never manufactured to products we didn’t realize Harley Davidson made. Take for instance lawn mowers and military drones all the way to Harley Davidson Boots, belt buckles, and t-shirts. Also on display will be the Cyclone Motor-Sled, and 8 foot, 8,000 lb electrical transformer from the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson factory, and a 3/4 scale chopper replica made totally of leather. And one of my favorite celebrities, Frank Fritz from American Picker, will make an appearance on July 23 and will be discussing collecting vintage motorcycles and “picking” strategies. This will simply be an epic event for Harley enthusiasts and collectors that can’t be missed!