Harley Davidson Is Hitting The Brakes

It was recently announced that there has been a problem found on some Harley bikes that causes the brake lights to stop working, or may even cause the rear brakes to stop working all together. Documents were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week that provided evidence showing that the switches are too close to the heat coming off of the exhaust system. The extreme heat is what has lead to the brake light issue, and has been know to cause fluid to leak out, which makes the rear brakes stop functioning. This little bump in the road for Harley Davidson is estimated to cost around $10-$12 million. If you own a Touring, Trike, or CVO model from 2009-2012, you may want to have it checked out because local Harley dealers are installing a rear brake replacement kit for free!

Harley Davidson Halloween Costume

Harley Kids CostumeTurn your kid into a Harley Davidson biker this Halloween! You will have all of the other boys and girls jealous when you dress your little tyke up in this really cool biker costume. It comes with a vest that features the Harley Davidson logo and it will have your child looking like a real biker in no time! They will be asking for their own Harley Davidson motorcycle to ride before you know it. While you are out trick-or-treating, don’t be surprised if everyone starts turning your way to check out the costume because it is so cute. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you better hurry because Halloween is just around the corner!

Can you do a wheelie on a Harley?

Who said you couldn’t do stunts on a Harley Davidson motorcycle? This stunt rider put it all on the line and gave a Harley Fatboy and Nightster a spin around the block. Watch the video to see a Harley pushed to the edge. Harley Davidson bikes are normally not known to be used for stunt riding, but they teamed up with Firestorm films to produce this clip and to show that it is possible to do some stunt riding on them. As you can see, stunt rider Matt Mingay knows his way around a Harley and he is able to pull off some impressive stunts. It is definitely not recommended to try these stunts yourself, but if you are out of your mind then go for it. Just don’t say that you were not warned!

Have a Harley Davidson Christmas

Christmas is going to be here before you know it and if you’re in need of gift ideas, Harley Davidson is there for you. How about decorating your yard with Santa riding a Harley? It’s the perfect way to show off your love of motorcycles and it will give your yard a unique look this winter and have all your neighbors looking your way. Or, maybe you have a friend who’s house is needing a little motorcycle flair. If so, you could go with would be the 12″ Harley Davidson neon sign that will add a soft amber glow to any room in the house. Although, your best option would be to treat yourself and buy a pair of Harley Davidson boots so you will be looking good all season long!

Celebs love Harley Davidson

There is a long list of celebrities riding Harley Davidson all throughout history. Let’s go through the list just for curiosity’s sake. First, there is Jay Leno. He is the proud owner of many Harley Davidson motorcycles and is constantly adding to his collection. He gets a kick out of working on the bikes themselves instead of hiring a mechanic to do the dirty work. One image that probably sticks out in your mind when you think about celebrities and their Harley motorcycles is Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda riding a custom Harley bike in the famous 1969 movie Easy Rider. That photo is still one of the most recognizable and sought-after photos of all time. Another huge Harley fan was Elvis Presley. Pictures of Elvis riding his Harley bikes are almost as popular as the Easy Rider photograph. There are many other famous Harley owners that include Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elizabeth Taylor, and Tina Turner, but they are not the only well-known people riding. During Governor Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign, he posed next to a Harley. Who said President’s can’t be cool? Although, there is one celebrity who has not been seen riding a Harley. Her name is Megan Fox and I think many people would agree that we would all like to see her on a Fatboy. Which Harley Davidson boots would you like to see her wear?