Santa Is Leaving His Sleigh And Riding A Harley

Santa Rides Harley DavidsonYou may see Santa cruising down the road on a Harley this year instead of seeing him in the sky riding in his sleigh. Santa will be riding with over 500 of his helpers this year through Leesburg, FL for the 8th annual Toy Run in order to collect donations, toys, and bicycles for less-fortunate kids this holiday season. The plan is to collect as many toys as possible so that they can spread them out to all different types of charities who are dedicated to helping kids. This weekend should be perfect for riding because the weather forecast is supposed to be sunny and warm. Last year it got a little cold, but Santa still made the ride because he is used to the cold weather up in the South Pole!

Harley Davidson: Fit For A Prince

Harley DavidsonKate Middleton’s brother-in-law was spotted cruising on a Harley yesterday. He was heading down to Las Vegas to enjoy everything Sin City has to offer. He stopped at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Scottsdale, Ariz. to rent a bike so he could enjoy the desert sun while out riding. “He wasn’t too picky on what kind of Harley he got to ride, he just wanted to ride”, is what the owner of the dealership said. He did look around a little though, but he made it known that he was just shopping, not going to actually purchase anything. Maybe he changed his mind after he realized how well a Harley rides when he was cruising the strip in Vegas.

Harley Davidson Loves The Salvation Army!

Harley Davidson Rider’s Group “Prince Rupert Harley Riders” recently donated more than 250 toys to the Salvation Army. They also raised over $10,000 in donations and handed over a check in order to help them out for the upcoming Christmas season. This all took place during the popular 2011 Toy Run, which raises money and collects toys every year for kids that otherwise may not have a merry Christmas. If you have anything to donate to the Salvation Army, please do so because they truly do make a difference in children’s lives every single year. It is one of the better organizations out there, so please do all you can to help out over the holidays.

Harley Is Seen Around The World

I bet you never thought you would see a Harley cruising in the Holy Land! Well, recently that is exactly what took place. A group of Christian Harley Davidson lovers from all over the United States made the trip with their bikes to take part in their own style of pilgrimage to Israel. The group of about 70 riders was mostly made up of motorcycle enthusiasts from Texas and they passed out grape juice and crackers to the crowd of onlookers that eventually formed when they made their first big pit stop. Many tourists stopped to pose for pictures with the Harley crew, and they gladly posed for the camera. Who knows where Harley will be seen next!