Harley Davidson Shows Up In Cuba

Harley DavidsonHarley Davidson shows up in places you would never think possible, and this time we are putting Cuba on the Harley map. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for what they represent, and that is freedom and the American way. That is why they are so popular in Cuba and have a huge following because the people of Cuba value independence. Recently, they had a Harley gathering where over 270 Harley Davidson motorcycles cruised the streets of Cuba together. What may surprise you is that most of the Harley’s that are on the roads in Cuba should actually be in a museum, but the people of Cuba actually use them just for transportation and recreation. Then, sometimes they all get together and like to show off their bikes, just like this last get-together they had. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Harley Davidsons because you never know where they might pop up.

American Pickers Finds A Harley Davidson Jewel

Harley Davidson MotorcyclesIf you are a true Harley Davidson enthusiast, then you may have heard of the “knucklehead” engine they used in every motorcycle they built prior to 1947. After 1947, they began using the Panhead engine, which changed the whole look of their motorcycles. Well, the lucky guys on the History channel show, “American Pickers”, came across the Holy Grail of motorcycles recently. They found a Harley Davidson 1947 Knucklehead motorcycle on one of the stops they make trying to find cool things to re-sell. They originally offered the owner $25,000 for the bike, but he wasn’t budging. It was obvious to them that he was still attached to the bike, but he said he would let it go for $40,000. The owner definitely knew the bike was a rare find, but it was still a little too steep for the “American Pickers” crew. Even though they were not able to grab up the Harley Davidson, they left happily knowing that the bike was in the possession of someone who knew it’s worth and how important the bike actually is.

Harley Davidson Does It Again

Harley DavidsonWell, what do you know. Harley Davidson motorcycles has one another award. Surprising huh? Andrew Ciancio took home the people’s choice award for his custom-built, beautiful Harley Davidson 90 Model Softail. It was during the Custom Bike, Car and Tattoo Show that is held every year at the Ky West Hotel. The event took play over the weekend of March 3rd through the 4th and is attended by hundreds of people each and every year. This isn’t the first award the custom Harley Davidson has won, though. On January 21st, Andrew took home the people’s choice award at the Shepparton Custom Bike, Car, and Tattoo show. This is because the bike is one of the most unique Harley’s you have ever seen, as you can see in the picture. Don’t think the awards are going to stop coming though, because Andrew will be entering it in more shows throughout the year.