Tsunami Harley Davidson Finally Finds A Home

Harley Davidson Tsunami BikeThis Harley Davidson motorcycle has been on one long journey, but its journey has finally came to an end. It was just announced a few days ago that that the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee is going to preserve the Tsunami Harley in remembrance of the 15,000 lives that were lost during the horrible natural disaster. If you haven’t been following this epic story, the Harley Davidson is a 2004 FXSTB Softail Night Train and it was discovered on the shores of Canada by Peter Mark. He found the bike in an insulated van container where it was being stored by its owner. He was finally able to contact the owner in Japan, who lost his house and several family members during the Tsunami, to let him know that Harley Davidson had offered to return the bike, but he declined due to the difficulties of rebuilding his life after the disaster. He was asked what he would like to do with the bike, and he said he would like to see it somewhere in a museum in honor of all the lives lost. Harley Davidson found out about this, and plans are being made to transport it to Milwaukee, where it will finally have a new, permanent home.

Another Twist In The Tsunami Harley Davidson

Harley DavidsonWell, the story still continues with the Harley Davidson that rode a wave across an entire ocean. The Harley Davidson that was discovered in Canada is still on its journey, with a future still yet unknown. It just arrived in Langford, British Columbia where it is now being displayed outside the Steve-Drane Harley Davidson local dealership. The plan is still unknown what to do with the bike because the Japanese owner hasn’t said what he would like to do with it. At first the plan was to restore the bike, but with all the attention it has been getting in the media and then tracking down the true owner, it’s future is now uncertain. Although, Drane stated that there is plans being made, but he cannot comment on them yet. An announcement is supposed to be made by the end of the week about the bike’s future, though. So stay tuned to find out the final outcome of this Harley Davidson that has been on a very long journey.

Don’t Think Harley Davidsons Can’t Go Off-Road

Harley DavidsonWe bet you would have never imagined a Harley Davidson motorcycle could get dirty, but think again. Roland Sand’s Designs decided to take a 2011 Softail and modify it a little bit. It is now able to go off-road and ride with the best of them. There wasn’t a whole lot of changes that had to be made actually, but they wanted to see how far they could take a Harley Davidson. Once it was completed they took it out for a little test drive, and it performed just like Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for. Roland definitely wanted to keep the stockline gas tank because that’s what Softails stand out, and he also kept the triple trees and frontend. Everything after that was modified atleast a little to handle the rough dirt roads. He definitely wasn’t disappointed, though. The Harley held its own, just like he always knew it would!

The Tsunami Harley Davidson Is Going Home

Tsunami Harley DavidsonLast week we blogged about a beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle that was discovered in Canada that had Japanese license plates. Well, its original owner has been found, and it is now going back home to Japan. The 29-year-old owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, who tragically lost his house and 3 family members in the horrific Tsunami, was absolutely shocked to find out that his Harley Davidson motorcycle had been found. The bike had been checked out by a couple of mechanics at a Harley dealership in Canada, and they determined that the frame, front-end and transmission was still in “good condition” and is able to be repaired so it will run again. Harley has been trying to track the bike’s route, which involves riding a Tsunami, traveling across an ocean and coming across several dedicated Harley fans that plan to bring it back to life. It has definitely been a long ride for this Harley Davidson motorcycle, but it is finally going back home.

A Harley Rides A Wave From Japan To Canada

Harley DavidsonWe bet you never thought that a Harley Davidson motorcycle could surf, did you? Well, think again because there was a Harley Davidson motorcycle found in British Colombia that came all the way from Japan, and investigators believe that it was the huge Tsunami that brought it over there. The license plate had been registered in the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, and it just so happened to be one of the hardest hit areas when the Tsunami made landfall. Over 11,000 people perished, and tons of containers and white trucks were washed out into the sea. This is how it is believed that the Harley made it all the way across the pond into Canada. There was over 1.5 million tons of debris that washed away into the Pacific, and this beautiful bike was tragically one of many valuable things lost in the horrible tragedy. Hopefully it will end up in a museum somewhere because that’s exactly where it belongs.