Ride 1 Million Miles On A Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Million Mile RideStarting in 2008, Harley Davidson enthusiasts started a celebration of riding on the open road. The Harley Owners Group Million Mile Monday event takes place on the last Monday in the month of June, and its purpose is to show their appreciation of being able to ride freely wherever they want. Harley Davidson chapters all around the world get online and log their mileage on Harley Davidson’s online odometer, and the goal is to reach 1 million miles in a single day. Last year Harley riders blew the 1 million mile mark out of the water. They actually reached over 4 million miles! This year they are trying to beat that record, so they have expanded the Million Mile Monday into a two day World Ride beginning on Sunday June 24th. This will allow more riders to take part in the ride, so the 4 million mile record should be easily broken. If you want to take part, just visit Harley-Davidson’s website and log your miles on the world-wide odometer and show that you love Harley’s just as much as everyone else.

Build Your Own Harley With A Mouse

Harley Davidson Bike BuilderIf you ever have ventured to Harley-Davidson.com, you may have came across their really cool bike-building tool. With this tool, you can easily build your dream Harley Davidson with just a few clicks of the mouse. They have a huge assortment of their Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® to choose from, and they allow you to customize your Harley in any way you dream. The tool is setup into 4 different categories, which are Function, Style, Fit, and Performance. It will also allow you to view each accessory in 360-degrees so that you can view it from every angle and know exactly what it looks likes. Another cool feature is that once you create your bike, the tool will allow you to share your creation on Facebook or Twitter so that you can show off your skills to all your friends. Even if you aren’t really going to order the bike you build, you should definitely check this cool feature out just because it’s cool and fun to dream.

Welcome To America, Tsunami Harley Davidson

Tsunami Harley DavidsonThe Tsunami Harley Davidson is finally on the last leg of its journey, where it will call the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee home. This is also exactly what the original owner of the Harley asked for to be done with the bike. He wanted it to be a memorial for all of the lives lost in the horrible Tsunami that struck Japan. Harley Davidson recently announced plans that it was going to completely restore the bike back to its original condition and keep it on display in its main headquarters as a tribute to the tragedy in Japan. Harley Davidson has reached out to the original owner and invited him to come visit the bike once the memorial is complete. He is currently living in a temporary housing project in Japan while his city is being reconstructed and he is working on rebuilding his life. It has not yet been announced when the memorial will be complete in Milwaukee, but we will keep you posted as soon as it is announced.