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Build Your Own Harley With A Mouse

Harley Davidson Bike BuilderIf you ever have ventured to, you may have came across their really cool bike-building tool. With this tool, you can easily build your dream Harley Davidson with just a few clicks of the mouse. They have a huge assortment of their Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® to choose from, and they allow you to customize your Harley in any way you dream. The tool is setup into 4 different categories, which are Function, Style, Fit, and Performance. It will also allow you to view each accessory in 360-degrees so that you can view it from every angle and know exactly what it looks likes. Another cool feature is that once you create your bike, the tool will allow you to share your creation on Facebook or Twitter so that you can show off your skills to all your friends. Even if you aren’t really going to order the bike you build, you should definitely check this cool feature out just because it’s cool and fun to dream.

Santa’s Harley Helpers Pulled It Off Again

Harley Davidson CharityAcross the pond in Oxford, UK, a group of normally rough and tough bikers showed their soft side once again this year. They took chocolate and all kinds of goodies to the local hospital’s children’s cancer ward to pass it out to all of the kids. The Harley Owner’s Group rode in together on their yearly ride, which they’ve been doing for the past 8 years, to try and bring a smile to all of the children’s faces. They also passed out a huge amount of toys like coloring books, teddy bears, crayons, and everything else that kids are known to love. It is always a tough time of year for the kids, and that is why the Harley Owner’s Group dedicates so much time to gathering as many toys as possible to pass out each year. So keep this in mind the next time you see a big group of mean-looking bikers going down the road. Don’t always assume they are all big and bad!

Harley Davidson Halloween Costume

Harley Kids CostumeTurn your kid into a Harley Davidson biker this Halloween! You will have all of the other boys and girls jealous when you dress your little tyke up in this really cool biker costume. It comes with a vest that features the Harley Davidson logo and it will have your child looking like a real biker in no time! They will be asking for their own Harley Davidson motorcycle to ride before you know it. While you are out trick-or-treating, don’t be surprised if everyone starts turning your way to check out the costume because it is so cute. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you better hurry because Halloween is just around the corner!

Harley Davidson Boots For Kids

Whether they want to be like dad or not, wearing Harley Davidson boots has been popular among children. It makes them feel grownup. Wearing a pair of Harley Davidson boots gives them confidence and a sense of maturity. Their tough and strong just like a Biker. Your kids know that when they are wearing Harley boots, other kids would look up to them and would want a pair of their own.

If you let them pick their own boots, they would definitely get the Harley Davidson Boots. This brand of footwear is mostly associated with bikers, which means tough guys wear these. Who wouldn’t want to be seen wearing these boot and look fearless? The Harley Davidson brand provides a statement of style that exudes confidence and freedom. These are designed not only to look good but also to make you feel good. A variety of styles is available with each offering a unique look that can match your kids personality. From the laced-up style to the full zipper or even one with the Velcro strap or a combination thereof, there is would be one just right for your kid.

There are different types of kids Harley Davidson Boots. There is the short or ankle length boots that offers freedom of movement and more flexibility. You can opt for the tall boots that offers protection not only to the feet and ankles but also to the legs. There is also the steel toe type boots that provides protection for your feet from falling objects . There are variations of these type of boots for kids when it comes to lace, zippers, straps, buckles and patches. There are lots of choices for your kids but you should not be surprised if they opt for a pair just like yours.

Any kids boots with the Harley Davidson name can withstand the rough use that it would be subjected to by kids. Harley Davidson is known for top quality biker boots that can protect the feet from injuries while on the road as well as from muffler burns. It is made from durable and top quality materials to withstand whatever road condition it encounters. With that being said, it is more than ready to survive your kids rough play. The kids Harley Davidson boots are produced from man made material and thus have a water repellent nature that would protect it from the rain and with no-slip features, sliding and slipping can be avoided.

Girls And Their Harley Davidson Boots

Media has played a great role in influencing people on the way we all dress, the food we eat and, other activities. It is there not surprising that when little girls see their favorite teen idols sporting girls cowboy boots, they would also want to do the same. Who would not want to be as cool or as chic and stylish as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, or even Katy Perry?
They got “it” girl written all over them.

For a brand of footwear, almost always associated with bikers who are basically rough and tough, Harley Davidson Boots have come up with designs that would also cater to men, women, and kids. Harley Davidson knew that wearing boots gives a certain kind of edgy look that women love and they have conceptualized more styles especially now that young ladies love to mix and match their apparel to come up with unconventional styles and keep it very chic at the same time.
Parents can also support your child’s need to be just like their idols by getting them a pair of Harley Davidson boots. You would know that you are getting your money’s worth, not just because you know the quality of the product, but also from the look your little girl will have once they see the pair of Harley Davidson boots you bought for them.
Boots look great with a pair of jeans or skirt, and just a t-shirt. Girls could also wear a pair of Harley boots with leggings or tights that is paired with an over sized tunic or cardigan. This look speaks funky and there are a lot of young celebrities doing this. One other combination that really screams “it” factor is combining a pair of Harley Davidson Boots with a simple and yet dainty dress. This combination exudes an edgy and yet a girlie girl look that oozes with confidence as other people may think it unconventional.
What ever the style you want to go for there is a pair of Harley Davidson boots for the occasion.

Harley Davidson Boot Care

After you purchase your Harley Davidson boots and get them ready for use, just remember, you want them to last a long time. Not only because you spent your hard earned cash on them, but because you love your boots a great deal. You want to retain the good looks and continue wearing them as long as possible. These tips are good for Womens Harley Davidson Boots and Mens Harley Davidson Boots.

This shouldn’t be a challenge because these boots are manufactured from heavy duty leather that can withstand usage even after many years. Therefor it is up to you to do your share, in the caring and maintaining of the boots because even when they may be manufactured of top quality materials, they ought to still be given the proper attention.

Tips on the best way to care for your precious Harley Davidson Boots.

1. Clean the dust and dirt off your boots. Leather can accumulate dust and dirt quickly. Remember to clean up your boots each and every day or every single following use to remove surface dust and dirt.Wipe it with a clean up damp cloth and enable to dry naturally. Dust left on the boots for an extended time can settle into the leather.

2. Use specialized leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the leather clean and conditioned to prevent dry rot.

3. Polish your boots when needed to maintain color. Use a polish or color restorer developed for leather. Choose a color that matches your boots and use a soft cloth to apply the cream. Let the cream to dry a several moments just before brushing or buffing make it possible for it the shine that would make it look good as new.

4. Air dry naturally. It is not a good idea to expose your boots to extreme heat, not even if you’d like speed up drying process. Try not to put the leather near any heat source as this can harm the leather. The boots should air dry naturally after cleaning.

Caring for a pair of Harley Davidson boots does not have to be too difficult. If you follow these suggestions. These ideas are also applicable to other kinds of boots for instance cowboy boots, kids boots and so on.

Classic Harley Davidson Boots

Everyone understands the importance of wearing a helmet while riding, even though many choose not to wear them. Most bikers also understand the importance of wearing a good sturdy pair of motorcycle boots to protect there feet while riding, (flip flops are not riding boots) but many do not wear a riding boot. We want to pass along some helpful information to riders about the many Harley Davidson Boots out there.

The best quality, most preferred riding boots are Harley Davidson boots. The Harley Davidson boots offer a varying selection of different styles and designs for the everyday rider and even those who don’t even own a bike.
Over the years the Harley boots have become a craze among avid bikers. It was thought that the Harley boots reflected the freedom of expression. There are so many styles of Harley Davidson boots, and each of them is an eye-catching fashion and function design. Harley boots are extremely comfortable to wear, and they are long-lasting too. The various styling of Harley boots that can offer you a unique, personal look. How about a classic lace-up ,or pull-on style, or perhaps the newer zippered styles.

  • The Faded Glory boot is a classic with its laces and straps, it has cemented itself a spot in the motorcycle world.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Faded Glory

  • The Hustin Boots are meant to protect your feet, but it doesn’t hurt that they have a great look too.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin

  • Gentlemen, if you want to trade the conventional look for something funkier and crazy, look for the mens Harley Davidson boot Drive Chain.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Drive Chain

    You might prefer wearing a killer pair of Harley Davidson boots which takes its style seriously. Take proper care of these Harley boots, and they will take care of you too.
    You would be pleased to know that Harley Davidson offers Harley Davidson boots for kids. So, buy a pair for your kids and let him experience the pride in wearing the best boots out there.