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Tour The Grand Canyon On A Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Grand CanyonIf you’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, then you have no idea on what you’re missing out on. It’s one of nature’s wonders of the world, and what better way to see it than riding on a Harley Davidson. If you’re ever in the area, you have to check out the Papillon Group. They now offer tour of the Grand Canyon, where you can choose to ride in a helicopter, ride on a Harley, or do both. Of course, the best way is to do both so you can get a bird’s eye view, along with being on the ground so you can be up close and personal with nature. You can even leave from Las Vegas and take a flight to the southern tip of the Grand Canyon, and then jump on Harley and ride for 2 and a half hours. How awesome would that be? So, keep this in mind the next time you take a trip to Sin City!

Build Your Own Harley With A Mouse

Harley Davidson Bike BuilderIf you ever have ventured to, you may have came across their really cool bike-building tool. With this tool, you can easily build your dream Harley Davidson with just a few clicks of the mouse. They have a huge assortment of their Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® to choose from, and they allow you to customize your Harley in any way you dream. The tool is setup into 4 different categories, which are Function, Style, Fit, and Performance. It will also allow you to view each accessory in 360-degrees so that you can view it from every angle and know exactly what it looks likes. Another cool feature is that once you create your bike, the tool will allow you to share your creation on Facebook or Twitter so that you can show off your skills to all your friends. Even if you aren’t really going to order the bike you build, you should definitely check this cool feature out just because it’s cool and fun to dream.

A Harley Rides A Wave From Japan To Canada

Harley DavidsonWe bet you never thought that a Harley Davidson motorcycle could surf, did you? Well, think again because there was a Harley Davidson motorcycle found in British Colombia that came all the way from Japan, and investigators believe that it was the huge Tsunami that brought it over there. The license plate had been registered in the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, and it just so happened to be one of the hardest hit areas when the Tsunami made landfall. Over 11,000 people perished, and tons of containers and white trucks were washed out into the sea. This is how it is believed that the Harley made it all the way across the pond into Canada. There was over 1.5 million tons of debris that washed away into the Pacific, and this beautiful bike was tragically one of many valuable things lost in the horrible tragedy. Hopefully it will end up in a museum somewhere because that’s exactly where it belongs.

The 2011 Womens Harley Davidson Sandals

All the style you want and attitude by the ton. The New 2011 Harley Davidson Sandals are here. This year the styles have changed again and have kept up with the modern fashion trends. These additions to the womens Harley Davidson Street wear line can go from relaxing to hitting the club in seconds. You walk like a free spirit and your sense of style reflects just that. Check out the many styles of Womens Harley Davidson Sandals and remember theses style are ready to help you “Step into a Legend”.

Harley Davidson Boots – 5 New Tips For Choosing the Right Ones For You

Which Harley Davidson boots are right for you? Statistics and experts reveal that motorcycle boots and helmets are vital components of a motorcyclist’s safety gear. However, how do you know which boots are right for you? With so many types of boots available the choice can be quite overwhelming and even confusing. However, by following some basic guidelines, you can choose the best Harley Davidson boots for your particular needs:

1. The Harley Davidson boots should be a must when choosing safety gear:
How useful are motorcycle boots? Studies reveal that when motorcyclists become involved in crashes, 80% of them involve leg injuries. In particular, sturdy Harley Davidson boots can help support you and the bike and to prevent foot injuries.

2. The Harley Davidson boots should be comfortable:
Of course, the most important criteria for motorcycle boots is that they are comfortable but they should also safeguard your legs and feet. Ensure that the boots are neither too loose nor too tight. If the boots are to tight, you could experience calluses, numbness, etc.

3. The Harley Davidson boots should be the right height:
To maximize the protection of your leg, boots should be a minimum of 6.3 inches (160 mm) high. Measure this distance from the boot’s inner sole.

4. The Harley Davidson boots should have slip resistant sole:
It is important to examine the sole of the boot, the sole of your Harley Davidson boots should be waterproof, slip, and oil-resistant.

5. The Harley Davidson boots should be riding approved:
Not all Harley Davidson boots are the same. Harley Davidson footwear offers riding and after riding boots. These are different in the fact that the riding boots are designed for riding and the after riding boots are designed for fashion or just looks, like the womens Harley Davidson Sandals.
Buy your boots based on the type of riding that you will be doing. Make sure that you put safety first, whenever you ride your Harley.

Classic Harley Davidson Boots

Everyone understands the importance of wearing a helmet while riding, even though many choose not to wear them. Most bikers also understand the importance of wearing a good sturdy pair of motorcycle boots to protect there feet while riding, (flip flops are not riding boots) but many do not wear a riding boot. We want to pass along some helpful information to riders about the many Harley Davidson Boots out there.

The best quality, most preferred riding boots are Harley Davidson boots. The Harley Davidson boots offer a varying selection of different styles and designs for the everyday rider and even those who don’t even own a bike.
Over the years the Harley boots have become a craze among avid bikers. It was thought that the Harley boots reflected the freedom of expression. There are so many styles of Harley Davidson boots, and each of them is an eye-catching fashion and function design. Harley boots are extremely comfortable to wear, and they are long-lasting too. The various styling of Harley boots that can offer you a unique, personal look. How about a classic lace-up ,or pull-on style, or perhaps the newer zippered styles.

  • The Faded Glory boot is a classic with its laces and straps, it has cemented itself a spot in the motorcycle world.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Faded Glory

  • The Hustin Boots are meant to protect your feet, but it doesn’t hurt that they have a great look too.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin

  • Gentlemen, if you want to trade the conventional look for something funkier and crazy, look for the mens Harley Davidson boot Drive Chain.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Drive Chain

    You might prefer wearing a killer pair of Harley Davidson boots which takes its style seriously. Take proper care of these Harley boots, and they will take care of you too.
    You would be pleased to know that Harley Davidson offers Harley Davidson boots for kids. So, buy a pair for your kids and let him experience the pride in wearing the best boots out there.

    Womens Harley Davidson Sandals

    The womens Harley Davidson sandal Moxie and the womens Harley Davidson sandal Roxie are the new wedge sandals for 2009. They look like twins but have subtle differences. These two sandals incorporate a detailed Harley Davidson design on the side of the wedge sole with the classic comfort of a Harley Davidson sandal. And for the shoe collectors out there, the Moxie and Roxie are limited production.
    Womens Harley Davidson Sandal MoxieWomens Harley Davidson Sandal Roxie

    Harley Davidson Sandals

    2009 is here, and soon the new Harley Davidson sandals will be too. There are a few carry overs from last year and lots of new styles. This year they have sandals, and flip flops for the ladies and even some mens Harley Davidson flip flops. Year after year Harley Davidson brings new style to your wardrobe and comfort to your feet with there line up of spring/summer fashionable footwear. Remember to get yours early since they are limited production and tend to sell out fast. Most of the sandals and flip flops will be available starting at the end of February.
    JupiterGobimens Hunchmens Sahara

    Harley-Davidson After-Riding Shoes for Women

    Ladies are you tired of wearing your riding boots after riding to where you’re going? Well Harley-Davidson has a large line of after-riding shoes just for you! There are a few different style to choose from you have the stilettos, sandals, and the after riding boots. All of these shoes are just what you need to free your feet after a long ride.


    The stilettos come in a variety of shapes, and styles. If you looking for an eye catching shoe or just to show off, you’ll love the Fandango or the Fatina style. These stiletto style shoes are extremely comfortable and come furnished with a stainless steel heel, cement construction and an oil resistant sole. Be the life of the party with these hot shoes.


    Since Harley-Davidson started making sandals women have flocked from all over to get their hands on a pair of these after-riding shoes. If you’re a girl that loves wearing sandals you’re going to love these. Made from the highest quality materials that Harley-Davidson is known for these sandals are a must have for any woman biker. With a large variety of sandals from the Baja to the Long Beach we’re sure you going to absolutely love them.


    Also check out many different styles of after-riding boots. Made from the same materials that the riding boots are made from, these boots are very comfortable. With names like Carmen, Carina, Sadie and Sarita you’ll fall in love with these styles of after riding boots. You get the look of riding boots with the smooth appeal or after-riding. These boots also are made of non-slip oil resistant soles so they will hold up to the toughest conditions.