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Harley Davidson Is Hitting The Brakes

It was recently announced that there has been a problem found on some Harley bikes that causes the brake lights to stop working, or may even cause the rear brakes to stop working all together. Documents were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week that provided evidence showing that the switches are too close to the heat coming off of the exhaust system. The extreme heat is what has lead to the brake light issue, and has been know to cause fluid to leak out, which makes the rear brakes stop functioning. This little bump in the road for Harley Davidson is estimated to cost around $10-$12 million. If you own a Touring, Trike, or CVO model from 2009-2012, you may want to have it checked out because local Harley dealers are installing a rear brake replacement kit for free!

Harley Davidson Halloween Costume

Harley Kids CostumeTurn your kid into a Harley Davidson biker this Halloween! You will have all of the other boys and girls jealous when you dress your little tyke up in this really cool biker costume. It comes with a vest that features the Harley Davidson logo and it will have your child looking like a real biker in no time! They will be asking for their own Harley Davidson motorcycle to ride before you know it. While you are out trick-or-treating, don’t be surprised if everyone starts turning your way to check out the costume because it is so cute. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you better hurry because Halloween is just around the corner!

Harley Davidson Boots: Attitude Starts With The Right Gear

Attitude begins from the ground up with Harley Davidson boots. Made with design and functionality in mind, Harley boots combine traditional styles with distinctive Harley Davidson detailing in a collection of footwear sure to fulfill your internal rebel. These boots not only act as protection your feet when riding, but are comfy enough to use even if you don’t ride. Most Harley Davidson boots are water resistant and can be worn while riding even in rainy weather conditions. Water resistance assists the feet from becoming wet and uncomfortable while riding or walking.

Motorcycle boots like the mens Harley Davidson boot Shift are as rugged as they come. With a capped toe to resist wear and toe/heel clips for style your buddies will ask you about them all the time. Shift your priorities when it comes to riding footwear. Or you would want to try the mens Harley Davidson boot Interstate Zip. It has a full grain leather upper and full sock lining the comfort is nice too. The Interstate Zip has a double zippered entry for easy on and off, and a oil-resisting rubber sole with Goodyear welt construction for grip and durability. The mens Harley Davidson boot Interstate Zip is classified as riding appropriate footwear. On the other hand, the mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin waterproof is the best of all worlds. It is waterproof, has an inside zipper for taking it off and getting it on with ease, and has classic styling for work or riding.

Womens Harley Davidson boots have attitude to pass around also, with styles like the womens Harley Davidson boot Melia which offers good looks and comfort. The Melia has a full grain leather upper. An inside zipper makes access easy, while a full-length cushioned foot bed keeps your foot comfortable. A lightweight rubber mini lug sole offers traction and stability. It is classified as Riding Appropriate Footwear. Or you can go with a more rugged look with the womens Harley Davidson Ashby boot, it offers a sleek, sexy and inviting look whether riding your bike, attending audacious functions or just plain strutting your stuff? These boots are hotter than a fresh fired pistol. Some of the features of this tenacious, protection-providing boot are a full-length cushioned insole, rugged full grain black leather upper for protection from injury plus an inside easy-dressing zipper. The non-marking, oil-resistant, slip-resistant recyclable TPR rubber sole is made for flexibility and durability that’s kicking tough when you’re pushing asphalt. These boots were made for riding and we are certain Harley Davidson added their exclusive silver-toned emblem with unusual pride. Ladies, do yourself a favor and purchase yourself a pair of these womens Harley Davidson Ashby boots.

Harley Davidson Teams Up With Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross are famous for their watches but today the presents a great collaboration with the biker icon Harley Davidson. The model is the Shaw that becomes this unbelievable bike. Bell & Ross is well-known for being a loyal equipment manufacturer of the aircraft industry. This time, Bell & Ross was approached by Shaw Harley Davidson, a British retailer of the American mythical motorcycle brand to realize this daring project. They managed to integrate a carbon Bell & Ross BR 01 in the customized aluminum central console. The bike will be presented around the world at shows including : The Dublin International Motorcycle Show, Custom Chrome European Show Mainz, St. Tropez Harley-Davidson Euro Festival and the Bournemouth International Custom Motorcycle Show.

Jessica Biel Seen Riding Gerard Butler’s Fatboy

Motorcycle, that is. Get your minds out of the gutter. Gerard Butler is a big fan of Harley Davidson and rides as often as possible. On this day he was showing Jessica the great feeling of the open road while staying protected with a leather motorcycle jackets and womens motorcycle boots. While enjoying the trip, Jessica was seen wrapping her arms tight around the Scottish actor’s hip as they cruised around the Topanga Canyon. And that was actually not the first time they were spotted enjoying the time together.
Jessica has reportedly been spending much time with the “Gamer” star since filming “Playing the Field” together in Shreveport, Louisiana. An eyewitness claimed that she was hitting other hotspots together with her co-star during a cast and crew bash at a local restaurant last March 15. The onlooker claimed that the 41-year-old actor “was really flirting with her.”
The rumored couple was also spotted enjoying dinner at a local Lousiana Japanese restaurant on the other night. A witness revealed that during the night, the pair looked quite cozy, sitting side by side as Gerard picked from Jessica’s plate.
However, the 29-year-old actress still insisted that she “only wants to be friends” with the “Coriolanus” actor. Moreover, the Glasgow-born actor has also sent his rep to pour cold water on the swirling rumors by clarifying that “They’re just friends!”

Harley Davidson Harness Boots

The classic harness boot is forever. From bikers to cowboys, the style has been around for decades and will probably never go away. Which is a good thing, they offer protection and style across a plethora of markets and demographics. Harley Davidson has several harness boots in the lineup. Here is a list of the top 5 Harley Davidson Harness boots:

1. Mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin in Black. (also available in waterproof or brown)

2. Mens Harley Davidson Boot El Paso in Black. (also available in brown)

3. Mens Harley Davidson Boot Delinquent.

4. Womens Harley Davidson Boot Ashby. (also available in brown)

5. Womens Harley Davidson Boot Auburn. (also available in brown)

Harley Davidson Ashby Boots

The ladies love this new twist on the classic harness boot for women. The womens Harley Davidson Boot Ashby comes in black or brown and can be worn while riding or after riding. The full grain leather upper is supply but tough enough to support your foot while riding or walking. The 6 inch height allows for ankle coverage but does not bunch up with your jeans and or chaps. The Ashby has a zipper for easy on and off which is great for high insteps or bad knees. The light weight TPR lug sole and heel are great for traction but comfortable to walk in.

New Harley Davidson Boots For April 2011

New Styles from the Womens Street Wear Line, Womens Enthusiast line, Mens Enthusiast line, and the Mens Street Wear line from Harley Davidson. You can pre-order them until April when these new selections launch to the dealers worldwide.
The Street Wear series boots are mostly after-riding boots with the main goal of walking comfort. The Enthusiast line is the tougher longer lasting boots made for the rigors of riding the roads today.

The 2011 Womens Harley Davidson Sandals

All the style you want and attitude by the ton. The New 2011 Harley Davidson Sandals are here. This year the styles have changed again and have kept up with the modern fashion trends. These additions to the womens Harley Davidson Street wear line can go from relaxing to hitting the club in seconds. You walk like a free spirit and your sense of style reflects just that. Check out the many styles of Womens Harley Davidson Sandals and remember theses style are ready to help you “Step into a Legend”.

Womens Harley Davidson Boots: Unique Apparel For Todays Woman

Women need to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion trends happening today. One piece of clothing could be fab at one time, then totally out of season in another. So it’s either one keeps up by buying clothes again and again, or to buy things that are unique yet attractive. This way, one can be fashionable in the right sense without being called “outdated” in any way. In this article, we will discuss several items that look good all the time because they strike attention in the right way by being both beautiful and novel – biker wear such as womens Harley Davidson boots, leather jackets and leather vests.

Harley Davidson boots for women are usually sleek, black and sturdy-looking. A pair would convey that “powerful” image if the saying “the footwear defines the person” holds any truth. Also, they come in different styles. Buying a pair of leather boots with heels would be great for both formal events and casual gatherings depending on what it is worn with. It will definitely catch attention either way – and when your shoes become the topic of a pleasant conversation, you know you are doing something right! The styles that are lower cut are much better for riding a big bike for women who know how to do so.

Speaking of bikes, wouldn’t it be better if you had a leather jacket? Leather jackets for women look really sexy especially if they complement the natural hourglass shape of the body. Again, this conveys the same powerful image as the womens Harley Davidson boots but at the same time, this makes one very attractive and looks “challenging” for every man who is looking for some girls to approach at the bar. Using either the shiny jet black leather jacket or the more approachable brown leather that is reminiscent of the Wild West would be both timeless looks that makes one pleasantly stand out in the crowd.

Last and not the least is a mainstay item for really having that Wild West look – leather vests. Leather vests are versatile because they can be used with any shirt and can be worn whether one is going out for a walk or going to the office. It is comfortable, it looks great in any weather or season and it accentuates the woman’s chest area. For leather vests, brown is a must buy because it goes with a lot of looks and colors. And like what has been said above, the leather vest also displays an image of a powerful woman.