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Build Your Own Harley With A Mouse

Harley Davidson Bike BuilderIf you ever have ventured to, you may have came across their really cool bike-building tool. With this tool, you can easily build your dream Harley Davidson with just a few clicks of the mouse. They have a huge assortment of their Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® to choose from, and they allow you to customize your Harley in any way you dream. The tool is setup into 4 different categories, which are Function, Style, Fit, and Performance. It will also allow you to view each accessory in 360-degrees so that you can view it from every angle and know exactly what it looks likes. Another cool feature is that once you create your bike, the tool will allow you to share your creation on Facebook or Twitter so that you can show off your skills to all your friends. Even if you aren’t really going to order the bike you build, you should definitely check this cool feature out just because it’s cool and fun to dream.

Go Back In Time With Harley Davidson

Harley DavidsonWe thought we would go over one of our favorite bikes Harley Davidson came out with in 2007. That bike is the FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic and even though it was only a few years ago when it came out, it’s already starting to have that vintage feel. It’s the type of bike that makes you want to dust it off, clean it up, and go out for a nostalgic cruise and watch the sunset. Even though it’s a new design, the Heritage Softail Classic still has that vintage Harley feel that everyone knows and loves. You may have not known it, but the entire Softail family of Harley bikes got their name because it was created to copy the vintage appearance of the classic hard-tail machines that were so popular. The only difference is that they designed it to hide the twin horizontal rear shocks that are below the beautiful engine. Some of the main details that stand out are the oil lines that they left to see and the oil tank that was done in a horseshoe style.

Take A Cruise On Your Harley This Holiday Season

Harley Davidson Arizona RideIf you’re in need of an idea for a great place to ride your Harley Davidson to this holiday season, then maybe you should try Phoenix, Arizona. The weather there is absolutely perfect to ride in because the skies stay clear and allows the sunshine to keep everything warm all year long. The temperature average for the year is 72 degrees, but in the summer it reaches over 100. It’s dry heat though and the humidity stays low, which makes the heat not as bad to tolerate. The sunsets are simply amazing to see, and it is definitely not something you want to miss. There’s nothing better than riding your bike into the sunset, especially when you’re on a Harley.

Harley Davidson Is Hitting The Brakes

It was recently announced that there has been a problem found on some Harley bikes that causes the brake lights to stop working, or may even cause the rear brakes to stop working all together. Documents were filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last week that provided evidence showing that the switches are too close to the heat coming off of the exhaust system. The extreme heat is what has lead to the brake light issue, and has been know to cause fluid to leak out, which makes the rear brakes stop functioning. This little bump in the road for Harley Davidson is estimated to cost around $10-$12 million. If you own a Touring, Trike, or CVO model from 2009-2012, you may want to have it checked out because local Harley dealers are installing a rear brake replacement kit for free!

Harley Davidson Halloween Costume

Harley Kids CostumeTurn your kid into a Harley Davidson biker this Halloween! You will have all of the other boys and girls jealous when you dress your little tyke up in this really cool biker costume. It comes with a vest that features the Harley Davidson logo and it will have your child looking like a real biker in no time! They will be asking for their own Harley Davidson motorcycle to ride before you know it. While you are out trick-or-treating, don’t be surprised if everyone starts turning your way to check out the costume because it is so cute. If you haven’t ordered one yet, you better hurry because Halloween is just around the corner!

Womens Harley Davidson Boots: Unique Apparel For Todays Woman

Women need to keep up with the rapidly changing fashion trends happening today. One piece of clothing could be fab at one time, then totally out of season in another. So it’s either one keeps up by buying clothes again and again, or to buy things that are unique yet attractive. This way, one can be fashionable in the right sense without being called “outdated” in any way. In this article, we will discuss several items that look good all the time because they strike attention in the right way by being both beautiful and novel – biker wear such as womens Harley Davidson boots, leather jackets and leather vests.

Harley Davidson boots for women are usually sleek, black and sturdy-looking. A pair would convey that “powerful” image if the saying “the footwear defines the person” holds any truth. Also, they come in different styles. Buying a pair of leather boots with heels would be great for both formal events and casual gatherings depending on what it is worn with. It will definitely catch attention either way – and when your shoes become the topic of a pleasant conversation, you know you are doing something right! The styles that are lower cut are much better for riding a big bike for women who know how to do so.

Speaking of bikes, wouldn’t it be better if you had a leather jacket? Leather jackets for women look really sexy especially if they complement the natural hourglass shape of the body. Again, this conveys the same powerful image as the womens Harley Davidson boots but at the same time, this makes one very attractive and looks “challenging” for every man who is looking for some girls to approach at the bar. Using either the shiny jet black leather jacket or the more approachable brown leather that is reminiscent of the Wild West would be both timeless looks that makes one pleasantly stand out in the crowd.

Last and not the least is a mainstay item for really having that Wild West look – leather vests. Leather vests are versatile because they can be used with any shirt and can be worn whether one is going out for a walk or going to the office. It is comfortable, it looks great in any weather or season and it accentuates the woman’s chest area. For leather vests, brown is a must buy because it goes with a lot of looks and colors. And like what has been said above, the leather vest also displays an image of a powerful woman.

Know How To Spot Fake Harley Davidson Gear

When you talk about Harley Davidson, most people know exactly what brand you mention, because it is, in fact, probably the most well-known manufacturers in the world. Harley Davidson has been recognized for their attention to detail and craftsmanship fantastic since they settled in 1931. Because of this, many companies create fake Harley clothes Harley Davidson Boots, and other things like helmets, and motorcycle accessories HD. It is essential that you simply turn to be aware of indicators for the HD accessories and authentic vintage clothing as imitations can be found in all places! In fact, I hope you will find a number of useful tips in this article if you can establish what is real what is wrong. By keeping a few helpful signs in mind, it is possible for you to spot knock-off gear and accessories Harley HD after observing the detail. Since more things in 1931, the bar and shield emblem HD has been around. If I can give you a tip here critical, I could say to ensure that you study the logo Harley Davidson. In fact, it is only slightly changed from its original conception back in 1931. When shopping for vintage Harley Davidson clothes make sure you know the precise colors, shape and details of authentic Harley Davidson logo.

Fakes generally change the common logo emblem first. A change is a given signal the HD accessories that you take a look at are, in reality, is not real. This contains the misspelling motorcycle. On a knock-off you note written in the middle of the emblem, “Harley Davidson Motor Cycle.” Did you notice the space between Motor Cycle? All the time to examine and compare the emblem changes barely perceptible. This is the best how to determine an impostor! Pay special attention to the price when buying vintage clothing or antique Harley. In case you think is too good to be true, you’re probably right in that assumption! When in good condition, vintage Harley clothing could be very valuable and expensive! I want you to understand that it is best to always consider the price of vintage bicycles and bicycle parts and other Harley accessories. If you really feel that price is an incredible deal, likely to be authentic are lessened. Harley Davidson is thought to produce the goods only the best quality and accessories. At all times remember to pay special attention to detail and quality clothing. This was the company’s philosophy since the very beginning if the article of clothing you may be consider purchasing quality is poor, it is probably an imitation.

Genuine Harley Davidson clothing is likely to be made with conventional nice detail and include genuine leather, correct and sewing and Prime lining. Harley quality luggage Davidson is one of my favorite HD accessories. This is not only a good way to tell your love of this iconic American brand, but also ensure that your equipment gets there in one piece. Considering that the top task Harley Davidson bikes in the world more beautiful and more they produce fine quality garments and accessories.

A Harley Davidson Boots Best Friend

Although it is not new, but worth reminding some of you that there is a simple solution to stop burning your Harley Davidson boots and ruining your exhaust system. The Turn-Out style Heel Guard is still the best solution because it works without interfering with any pedal functions, is installed in a few minutes and can save you a lot of aggravation.

It is now available for Harley-Davidson Softail Classic 2009 & up (in chrome) and Softail Cross Bones (black powdercoating) Manufactured with high-grade steel. MSRP is $69.95 each with free shipping in the continental US. U. S. Patent 6,626,448 and 7,017,932. See complete line at or call 406-689-3102

Tips For Beginning Riders

When you are just starting out on your bike, there are a lot of things to learn.
These are just a few…….
1. You must learn the rules of the road.
2. Get the gear you need to be safe. ie, motorcycle helmet, riding boots, jacket, gloves
3. You should learn some tips & tricks from an experienced rider.

Motorcycle Helmets are very important when you are riding and in most places they are required by law.
Find a quality, comfortable helmet not the cheap $20 ones. You will get what you pay for.

Boots are a big part of riding as they will take alot of abuse when you are first learning to ride.
Choose a boot that is approved for riding like Harley Davidson boots.
Here are some tips to help you choose the correct boot for riding.

1. The sole should be oil and slip resistant. This is because you put your feet down when you come to a stop.
Notice all the crap in the road at intersections oil, gravel, and so on. You don’t want to fall when coming to a stop.

2. It should offer protection to the ankles. This is to prevent ankle roll when setting your foot down.

3. Leather is king when it comes to motorcycle boots. Leather is great protection from road rash and is flexible to allow proper foot movement.

4. Weather protection is a plus as the sudden rain storms when cruising the back roads can and will happen. Look for a boot that is at least water repellent.

Waterproof Harley Davidson Boots

Riding down the highway with the guys, enjoying the open road and bam! The thunder crashes and up ahead is a rain storm.
You got your rain-gear and you think you are ready to go, but don’t forget your feet. Harley Davidson has some great new styles of waterproof riding boots for men and women to keep your feet dry and happy. The Classic Harness style is updated in the Waterproof Harley Davidson Hustin Boot for men. For the ladies there is the new Harley Davidson Boot Hennie. The tall hiking boot style is also carried over in the mens Harley Davidson boot Felix.

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