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Mans Best Friend Loves Harley Davidson Motorcycles Too

Harley DavidsonThis highland terrier and his owner, Henry, cruise on their Harley Davidson as much as possible. Henry says as soon as he pulls out the harness that Mr. Pettibone immediately begins jumping up and down and can’t wait to slip into it. It may look a little odd to most people when they are riding down the road together because Henry is big with tattoos, while Mr. Pettibone is a small, white highland terrier that you wouldn’t typically think of a guy like Henry having as a pet. Although, Henry says he takes extra precaution when riding with Mr. Pettibone because he says if an accident happened and anything happened to him, he would be devastated. It really shouldn’t be that surprising that man’s best friend likes riding Harley Davidson motorcycles because if dogs are truly man’s best friend, then they should love everything that man does, right?

Pawn Stars Head To Sturgis

Harley DavidsonWe are pretty sure you have heard of the television show ‘Pawn Stars’ by now. If not, the show is about an eccentric family who owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas, Nevada and it was one of their birthdays recently. One of the main “characters” of the show is Chumlee and he just turned 30 years old. So, what better way to celebrate than have one of his friends take him to Sturgis for the 72nd get-together of the popular motorcycle rally on a Harley Davidson. Sturgis takes place in South Dakota every single year where thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts get together and celebrate one of their favorite hobbies. This is perfect for Chum because his buddies got him a motorcycle for the big day, and they thought the best way to break it in would be to head to Sturgis on the new bike. That’s one heck of a birthday present, don’t you think?

The Hairy Bikers Head To Nashville

Hairy Bikers On Harley DavidsonsYou may have not heard about The Hairy Bikers yet, but they are definitely a huge hit in Europe. They are a pair of friends who begin their television career 8 years ago on the BBC2 channel with a show that was called The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook. Their passion for food and fun is what makes the on-screen, and off-screen pair so enjoyable to watch. They are the type of people you want to go out with and have some dinner and a drink with, where you will be guaranteed to laugh. Their latest project is taking them to the deep south, in Nashville, Tennessee where they plan to explore all the different types of foods and music the South has to offer. The plan is to travel over 3,000 miles on Harley Davidson motorcycles exploring everything they can when it comes to southern culture and hospitality. The Hairy Bikers Mississippi Adventure, as the show is called, is on air now. So, be sure to check your schedule.

Build Your Own Harley With A Mouse

Harley Davidson Bike BuilderIf you ever have ventured to, you may have came across their really cool bike-building tool. With this tool, you can easily build your dream Harley Davidson with just a few clicks of the mouse. They have a huge assortment of their Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® to choose from, and they allow you to customize your Harley in any way you dream. The tool is setup into 4 different categories, which are Function, Style, Fit, and Performance. It will also allow you to view each accessory in 360-degrees so that you can view it from every angle and know exactly what it looks likes. Another cool feature is that once you create your bike, the tool will allow you to share your creation on Facebook or Twitter so that you can show off your skills to all your friends. Even if you aren’t really going to order the bike you build, you should definitely check this cool feature out just because it’s cool and fun to dream.

A Harley Rides A Wave From Japan To Canada

Harley DavidsonWe bet you never thought that a Harley Davidson motorcycle could surf, did you? Well, think again because there was a Harley Davidson motorcycle found in British Colombia that came all the way from Japan, and investigators believe that it was the huge Tsunami that brought it over there. The license plate had been registered in the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan, and it just so happened to be one of the hardest hit areas when the Tsunami made landfall. Over 11,000 people perished, and tons of containers and white trucks were washed out into the sea. This is how it is believed that the Harley made it all the way across the pond into Canada. There was over 1.5 million tons of debris that washed away into the Pacific, and this beautiful bike was tragically one of many valuable things lost in the horrible tragedy. Hopefully it will end up in a museum somewhere because that’s exactly where it belongs.

Harley Davidson Shows Up In Cuba

Harley DavidsonHarley Davidson shows up in places you would never think possible, and this time we are putting Cuba on the Harley map. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for what they represent, and that is freedom and the American way. That is why they are so popular in Cuba and have a huge following because the people of Cuba value independence. Recently, they had a Harley gathering where over 270 Harley Davidson motorcycles cruised the streets of Cuba together. What may surprise you is that most of the Harley’s that are on the roads in Cuba should actually be in a museum, but the people of Cuba actually use them just for transportation and recreation. Then, sometimes they all get together and like to show off their bikes, just like this last get-together they had. Just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Harley Davidsons because you never know where they might pop up.

Harley Davidson Does It Again

Harley DavidsonWell, what do you know. Harley Davidson motorcycles has one another award. Surprising huh? Andrew Ciancio took home the people’s choice award for his custom-built, beautiful Harley Davidson 90 Model Softail. It was during the Custom Bike, Car and Tattoo Show that is held every year at the Ky West Hotel. The event took play over the weekend of March 3rd through the 4th and is attended by hundreds of people each and every year. This isn’t the first award the custom Harley Davidson has won, though. On January 21st, Andrew took home the people’s choice award at the Shepparton Custom Bike, Car, and Tattoo show. This is because the bike is one of the most unique Harley’s you have ever seen, as you can see in the picture. Don’t think the awards are going to stop coming though, because Andrew will be entering it in more shows throughout the year.

Harley Davidson Adds Two More To Their Arsenal

Harley Davidson MotorcyclesIf you’ve been out of the Harley loop so far this year and haven’t heard, they have two brand new bikes being put into production. They are the Harley XL1200V Seventy Two and The Fat Boy Slim. The Seventy Two has tires that are white-walled and big handle bars. It comes from Harley’s Sportser line of bikes and this means that they aren’t as costly as a lot of the other bikes Harley Davidson offers. The great thing about the handle bars is that they are actually pretty comfortable and and great for those long bike rides that everyone loves. The paint job also has pinstriping on it that is gorgeous. Not only that, but the engine is a classic Harley and you can tell this by the sound and look, but don’t think that means it isn’t modern. It averages about 50mpg and runs as clean as ever. These two bikes are definitely ones you should check out if you’re in the market for a new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ride A Harley Davidson For Our Veterans

Harley Davidson Veterans RideRolling Thunder Inc. is doing a special motorcycle ride coming up in May that is going to take place all across the United States. The event is for a dedication of a Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park in Florida. The intentions behind this ride is to bring awareness to those members of the military who are still Missing In Action (MIA) or Prisoners Of War (POW). It is also dedicated to all of our veterans who have still not returned home from the ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can never thank them enough for everything they are doing for our great country, and this is just one way you can show it. If you are interested in taking part, just visit Rolling Thunder Inc.’s website to find out more information and you to can ride for our veterans. We all know they deserve the attention that this event will bring!

Santa’s Harley Helpers Pulled It Off Again

Harley Davidson CharityAcross the pond in Oxford, UK, a group of normally rough and tough bikers showed their soft side once again this year. They took chocolate and all kinds of goodies to the local hospital’s children’s cancer ward to pass it out to all of the kids. The Harley Owner’s Group rode in together on their yearly ride, which they’ve been doing for the past 8 years, to try and bring a smile to all of the children’s faces. They also passed out a huge amount of toys like coloring books, teddy bears, crayons, and everything else that kids are known to love. It is always a tough time of year for the kids, and that is why the Harley Owner’s Group dedicates so much time to gathering as many toys as possible to pass out each year. So keep this in mind the next time you see a big group of mean-looking bikers going down the road. Don’t always assume they are all big and bad!