Don’t Think Harley Davidsons Can’t Go Off-Road

Harley DavidsonWe bet you would have never imagined a Harley Davidson motorcycle could get dirty, but think again. Roland Sand’s Designs decided to take a 2011 Softail and modify it a little bit. It is now able to go off-road and ride with the best of them. There wasn’t a whole lot of changes that had to be made actually, but they wanted to see how far they could take a Harley Davidson. Once it was completed they took it out for a little test drive, and it performed just like Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for. Roland definitely wanted to keep the stockline gas tank because that’s what Softails stand out, and he also kept the triple trees and frontend. Everything after that was modified atleast a little to handle the rough dirt roads. He definitely wasn’t disappointed, though. The Harley held its own, just like he always knew it would!

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