Harley Davidson Boots Riding vs After-Riding

Harley Davidson boots come in two different classifications: riding and after-riding. Just because they say Harley Davidson doesn’t mean they are riding appropriate footwear. If you are going to be driving a $20,000 bike you might want to make sure you get a pair of riding boots. The primary difference between riding and after-riding boots is the sole. The riding boots have an oil and slip resistant sole on them. This is especially important because if you have to stop on a dime you want to know you can put your feet down and that your feet will help you stop that bike without sliding or slipping on gravel, oil, or any other kind of surface. The other difference is that the riding boots are more durable so if you are rough and tough on your boots you better get a riding boot. The after-riding boots offer a variety of styles that are more fashionable. Women riding on the back of a bike don’t need the riding appropriate footwear if they don’t have to worry about stopping the bike. There is also an after-riding line of Harley Davidson boots for men such as tennis shoes.

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