Ride 1 Million Miles On A Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Million Mile RideStarting in 2008, Harley Davidson enthusiasts started a celebration of riding on the open road. The Harley Owners Group Million Mile Monday event takes place on the last Monday in the month of June, and its purpose is to show their appreciation of being able to ride freely wherever they want. Harley Davidson chapters all around the world get online and log their mileage on Harley Davidson’s online odometer, and the goal is to reach 1 million miles in a single day. Last year Harley riders blew the 1 million mile mark out of the water. They actually reached over 4 million miles! This year they are trying to beat that record, so they have expanded the Million Mile Monday into a two day World Ride beginning on Sunday June 24th. This will allow more riders to take part in the ride, so the 4 million mile record should be easily broken. If you want to take part, just visit Harley-Davidson’s website and log your miles on the world-wide odometer and show that you love Harley’s just as much as everyone else.

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