Santa’s Harley Helpers Pulled It Off Again

Harley Davidson CharityAcross the pond in Oxford, UK, a group of normally rough and tough bikers showed their soft side once again this year. They took chocolate and all kinds of goodies to the local hospital’s children’s cancer ward to pass it out to all of the kids. The Harley Owner’s Group rode in together on their yearly ride, which they’ve been doing for the past 8 years, to try and bring a smile to all of the children’s faces. They also passed out a huge amount of toys like coloring books, teddy bears, crayons, and everything else that kids are known to love. It is always a tough time of year for the kids, and that is why the Harley Owner’s Group dedicates so much time to gathering as many toys as possible to pass out each year. So keep this in mind the next time you see a big group of mean-looking bikers going down the road. Don’t always assume they are all big and bad!

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