The Tsunami Harley Davidson Is Going Home

Tsunami Harley DavidsonLast week we blogged about a beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle that was discovered in Canada that had Japanese license plates. Well, its original owner has been found, and it is now going back home to Japan. The 29-year-old owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, who tragically lost his house and 3 family members in the horrific Tsunami, was absolutely shocked to find out that his Harley Davidson motorcycle had been found. The bike had been checked out by a couple of mechanics at a Harley dealership in Canada, and they determined that the frame, front-end and transmission was still in “good condition” and is able to be repaired so it will run again. Harley has been trying to track the bike’s route, which involves riding a Tsunami, traveling across an ocean and coming across several dedicated Harley fans that plan to bring it back to life. It has definitely been a long ride for this Harley Davidson motorcycle, but it is finally going back home.

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