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The 2011 Womens Harley Davidson Sandals

All the style you want and attitude by the ton. The New 2011 Harley Davidson Sandals are here. This year the styles have changed again and have kept up with the modern fashion trends. These additions to the womens Harley Davidson Street wear line can go from relaxing to hitting the club in seconds. You walk like a free spirit and your sense of style reflects just that. Check out the many styles of Womens Harley Davidson Sandals and remember theses style are ready to help you “Step into a Legend”.

Harley Davidson Boots – 5 New Tips For Choosing the Right Ones For You

Which Harley Davidson boots are right for you? Statistics and experts reveal that motorcycle boots and helmets are vital components of a motorcyclist’s safety gear. However, how do you know which boots are right for you? With so many types of boots available the choice can be quite overwhelming and even confusing. However, by following some basic guidelines, you can choose the best Harley Davidson boots for your particular needs:

1. The Harley Davidson boots should be a must when choosing safety gear:
How useful are motorcycle boots? Studies reveal that when motorcyclists become involved in crashes, 80% of them involve leg injuries. In particular, sturdy Harley Davidson boots can help support you and the bike and to prevent foot injuries.

2. The Harley Davidson boots should be comfortable:
Of course, the most important criteria for motorcycle boots is that they are comfortable but they should also safeguard your legs and feet. Ensure that the boots are neither too loose nor too tight. If the boots are to tight, you could experience calluses, numbness, etc.

3. The Harley Davidson boots should be the right height:
To maximize the protection of your leg, boots should be a minimum of 6.3 inches (160 mm) high. Measure this distance from the boot’s inner sole.

4. The Harley Davidson boots should have slip resistant sole:
It is important to examine the sole of the boot, the sole of your Harley Davidson boots should be waterproof, slip, and oil-resistant.

5. The Harley Davidson boots should be riding approved:
Not all Harley Davidson boots are the same. Harley Davidson footwear offers riding and after riding boots. These are different in the fact that the riding boots are designed for riding and the after riding boots are designed for fashion or just looks, like the womens Harley Davidson Sandals.
Buy your boots based on the type of riding that you will be doing. Make sure that you put safety first, whenever you ride your Harley.

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The Hottest New Harley Davidson Boots For Women

This summer Harley Davidson will release the new summer styles of womens Harley Davidson Boots. There are many styles that will work for any lady rider and the guys love them too. The new boots will put guys on their knees for you. These hot new womens Harley boots are: Calista, Christa, Piper, Amelia, Julia, Silvio, Electra, Maddy, Springer, Laura, Serena and Road Queen.

Womens Harley Davidson Sandals

The womens Harley Davidson sandal Moxie and the womens Harley Davidson sandal Roxie are the new wedge sandals for 2009. They look like twins but have subtle differences. These two sandals incorporate a detailed Harley Davidson design on the side of the wedge sole with the classic comfort of a Harley Davidson sandal. And for the shoe collectors out there, the Moxie and Roxie are limited production.
Womens Harley Davidson Sandal MoxieWomens Harley Davidson Sandal Roxie

Harley Davidson Sandals

2009 is here, and soon the new Harley Davidson sandals will be too. There are a few carry overs from last year and lots of new styles. This year they have sandals, and flip flops for the ladies and even some mens Harley Davidson flip flops. Year after year Harley Davidson brings new style to your wardrobe and comfort to your feet with there line up of spring/summer fashionable footwear. Remember to get yours early since they are limited production and tend to sell out fast. Most of the sandals and flip flops will be available starting at the end of February.
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