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Harley Davidson Releases Summer 2010 Harley Davidson Boots Collection

Harley Boot IgnitorThe new summer collection of Harley Davidson boots are in stores now. This summers collection has made some great improvements to the ever popular styles of hardcore Harley Davidson motorcycle boots. They now have a newer lighter weight sole that is more flexible, yet just as durable. Check out the new sole on styles such as the Ignitor, Choker, and Theo. Check out the new lightweight Harley Davidson shoes such as the Apollo, Virgo, and the Maverick. There are about 20 new additions to the Harley Davidson footwear line for men and about 20 new styles for women. The new womens Harley line consists of Harley Davidson riding boots and Harley Davidson fashion boots.

Harley Davidson Boots – 5 New Tips For Choosing the Right Ones For You

Which Harley Davidson boots are right for you? Statistics and experts reveal that motorcycle boots and helmets are vital components of a motorcyclist’s safety gear. However, how do you know which boots are right for you? With so many types of boots available the choice can be quite overwhelming and even confusing. However, by following some basic guidelines, you can choose the best Harley Davidson boots for your particular needs:

1. The Harley Davidson boots should be a must when choosing safety gear:
How useful are motorcycle boots? Studies reveal that when motorcyclists become involved in crashes, 80% of them involve leg injuries. In particular, sturdy Harley Davidson boots can help support you and the bike and to prevent foot injuries.

2. The Harley Davidson boots should be comfortable:
Of course, the most important criteria for motorcycle boots is that they are comfortable but they should also safeguard your legs and feet. Ensure that the boots are neither too loose nor too tight. If the boots are to tight, you could experience calluses, numbness, etc.

3. The Harley Davidson boots should be the right height:
To maximize the protection of your leg, boots should be a minimum of 6.3 inches (160 mm) high. Measure this distance from the boot’s inner sole.

4. The Harley Davidson boots should have slip resistant sole:
It is important to examine the sole of the boot, the sole of your Harley Davidson boots should be waterproof, slip, and oil-resistant.

5. The Harley Davidson boots should be riding approved:
Not all Harley Davidson boots are the same. Harley Davidson footwear offers riding and after riding boots. These are different in the fact that the riding boots are designed for riding and the after riding boots are designed for fashion or just looks, like the womens Harley Davidson Sandals.
Buy your boots based on the type of riding that you will be doing. Make sure that you put safety first, whenever you ride your Harley.

Classic Harley Davidson Boots

Everyone understands the importance of wearing a helmet while riding, even though many choose not to wear them. Most bikers also understand the importance of wearing a good sturdy pair of motorcycle boots to protect there feet while riding, (flip flops are not riding boots) but many do not wear a riding boot. We want to pass along some helpful information to riders about the many Harley Davidson Boots out there.

The best quality, most preferred riding boots are Harley Davidson boots. The Harley Davidson boots offer a varying selection of different styles and designs for the everyday rider and even those who don’t even own a bike.
Over the years the Harley boots have become a craze among avid bikers. It was thought that the Harley boots reflected the freedom of expression. There are so many styles of Harley Davidson boots, and each of them is an eye-catching fashion and function design. Harley boots are extremely comfortable to wear, and they are long-lasting too. The various styling of Harley boots that can offer you a unique, personal look. How about a classic lace-up ,or pull-on style, or perhaps the newer zippered styles.

  • The Faded Glory boot is a classic with its laces and straps, it has cemented itself a spot in the motorcycle world.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Faded Glory

  • The Hustin Boots are meant to protect your feet, but it doesn’t hurt that they have a great look too.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Hustin

  • Gentlemen, if you want to trade the conventional look for something funkier and crazy, look for the mens Harley Davidson boot Drive Chain.
  • Mens Harley Davidson Boot Drive Chain

    You might prefer wearing a killer pair of Harley Davidson boots which takes its style seriously. Take proper care of these Harley boots, and they will take care of you too.
    You would be pleased to know that Harley Davidson offers Harley Davidson boots for kids. So, buy a pair for your kids and let him experience the pride in wearing the best boots out there.

    How To Care For Your Harley Davidson Boots

    You must have heard the adage, boys will always be boys. Guys can be rough and tough but even they will need some added protection when riding the big bad Hog. And what can serve this purpose better than a pair of Harley Davidson boots. A pair of Harley Davidson boots not only ensures the safety of your legs but also underscores your latent signature style quotient.
    We want to give you a few care tips for your Harley Davidson boots:
    cleaning boots

  • If your Harley Davidson boots become wet, don’t use a heat source like a hairdryer for drying them; the hot blast stiffens the leather. Instead open them up and put them out in the open to allow for natural evaporation with free circulation of natural air. When they are dry you will want to condition them.
  • Conditioning is important. Leather is skin and just like your skin it can get dry and start to crack. When this happens to your skin you use lotion and the same principals apply to leather. Clean and dry your Harley Davidson boots very well with a leather cleaner and soft cloth before adding a conditioner or weatherproofer. There are many types of leather cleaners and conditioners out there, but it is best to use one that is specifically formulated for boots.
  • Get Protection and Style with
    Harley Davidson Steel Toe Boots

    Harley Davidson tennis shoe Crossroads II

    Everyone knows that Harley Davidson has the best riding boots out there, but did you know that the Harley Davidson steel toe boots exceed the standards and are rated ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75. Why not have the best of both worlds with a riding boot that leads a double life as a killer looking work boot.
    Some of the current steel toe Harley Davidson boots are:

  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Stealth Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Faded Glory Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Mega Conductor Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Brake Buckle Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Flash Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson boot Crankshaft Steel Toe
  • Mens Harley Davidson shoe Crossroads Steel Toe
  • Harley Davidson boot StealthHarley Davidson Boot Faded Glory/><img src=Harley Davidson boot Brake BuckleHarley Davidson boot FlashHarley Davidson boot CrankshaftHarley Davidson Boot Virgo

    The Easy Way To Boost Your Sex Appeal
    The New Mens Harley Davidson Boots

    Women notice all the little things like your freshly cut hair and the new shirt you are wearing but they can also read a man by the shoes he wears. Don’t get caught in those sandals with you black socks on! The new Mens Harley Davidson boots will say ton about your style and attitude from rugged and long lasting to comfortable and safe. The choices you make in your attire may well put you ahead of the pack. The new Harley boots for summer are: Bryce, Claude, Combat, Guston, Ramble, Targa, Aztec, Rio, Garrison, Gunnison, Alamo, and Bandit.

    Make Him Beg For More
    The Hottest New Harley Davidson Boots For Women

    This summer Harley Davidson will release the new summer styles of womens Harley Davidson Boots. There are many styles that will work for any lady rider and the guys love them too. The new boots will put guys on their knees for you. These hot new womens Harley boots are: Calista, Christa, Piper, Amelia, Julia, Silvio, Electra, Maddy, Springer, Laura, Serena and Road Queen.

    Harley Davidson Tennis Shoes

    So, your old Harley Davidson shoes like Crossroads or Fastbacks are wore out, and you went to replace your Harley Davidson tennis shoes Fastback and found out they were retired. No worries the new mens Harley Davidson shoe Hawkeye is here and is just as comfortable as your Fastbacks were. The Hawkeyes are a really cool looking tennis shoe that is a Harley Davidson licensed product. They have an oil and slip resistant sole on them and a nice cushioned air insole.
    Harley Davidson Tennis Shoes Hawkeye

    How to: Resole Your Harley Davidson Boots.

    How To: Resole Your Harley Davidson Boots

    Replacing the soles on Harley Davidson boots is a challenging home project and most people will just buy a new pair. You may want to take them to a professional to be resoled. If you still want to go through it to save money, and your favorite pair of boots, here’s what you’ll need for this project.

    work gloves, sewing awl, small screwdriver or nail puller, small wood blocks, scrap wood boards, sharp knife, hammer, sturdy clamps.

    Materials: (Most of these items can be purchased at your local shoe repair shop).
    Buy flexible shoe-repair adhesive and heel fasteners.
    Buy Vibram (for durability, slip resistance, and comfort) soles of the correct size.
    heavy-duty waxed thread, rags, acetone, replacement rubber insoles, coarse sandpaper.

    Time: about 2 or 3 hours.

    First things first, you have to remove the old sole for the new one to go on. Harley Davidson boot-soles are normally welted (sewn) on but some are cement (glued on). If they’re welted, there will be threads visible around the upper edge of the sole. Look over the soles for attaching screws or nails in the heel; remove any fasteners with a screwdriver or a nail puller, and save them to attach the new soles.

    After you remove the heel fasteners, separate the old sole from the rest of the boot. If the boots are welted, you’ll find three layers of material: the old sole, a center rubber layer, and a permanently attached leather layer. To separate the old soles from your boots, insert the blade of a sharp knife between the sole and the middle rubber layer; carefully work it around the boot until the sole is free. If the boots are cemented, there will be only two layers, the old sole and a permanent layer. Separate them in the same manner.

    Once you’ve removed the old soles, clean the middle rubber layer with acetone until all glue and debris are gone. On welted shoes, check the sewing for breaks, and check the rubber layer for tears. If this rubber layer is torn, it must be replaced too. Remove the damaged rubber layer the same way you removed the sole, inserting the blade of a sharp knife between the rubber layer and the permanently attached leather layer. Mend breaks in the stitching or attach a new middle layer with a sewing awl and heavy-duty waxed thread, making stitches all around the new insole.

    Once you have with the cleaned or replaced the rubber middle layer, use coarse sandpaper to roughen both the inside surface and the bonding surface of the new Vibram soles. Wear your work gloves, and wipe off any debris thoroughly. Be careful not to touch either the insole or the sole — body oils repel adhesives.

    Apply flexible shoe-repair adhesive evenly to both surfaces; be careful around the edges. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions exactly; join the soles as specified. Align the new sole over the prepared boot surface and press it into place, starting at the toe and working down toward the heel; curl the new sole into place and stretch it toward the heel as you go.

    Next, set the boot on a flat surface, sole up, and pound the entire sole with a hammer. To get a firm bond, clamp each boot between two flat boards for 36 hours or recommended drying time; place a small wedge under the sole just forward of the heel to assure the bond in the arch.

    When the new soles are dry, trim off excess sole material with a sharp knife, working slowly around each boot to assure a quality finish. Finally, if the new Vibram soles have pre-drilled holes for heel fasteners, set new heel fasteners into the holes and pound them in firmly.

    If this seems just to much to go through for you try a new pair of Harley Davidson Boots